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Strategic Facilitation

The people in your organization create its culture. That’s why we tailor our strategic planning and strategic facilitation services to fit your needs. We don’t talk; we listen. And we learn. About what you want. About what fits well, and about what would benefit from change. Then, we recommend a plan and a process that will work for you.
We offer:
• Stakeholder facilitation for early-stage planning
• Complete plan research and development
• Team-building and guidance for in-house plan completion
• Change facilitation and management

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Market Studies

Put our industry knowledge to work for you as you consider a potential investment. Want to know future trends? We give you timely insights. Interested in market and sales potential? We’ll do the research. Wondering if a property has commercial potential? We’ll find out.
Our marketing services include:
• Market trend analysis
• Product market and sales potential
• Branding
• Commercial site assessments
• CMO contract services

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Grant Writing and Administration

In today’s competitive grant environment, it’s important to choose the right grants and choose the right grant writer. Our experience spans the spectrum of federal, state, local, and NGO grant-making agencies. Our goal is more than simply completing a grant application. It’s using the opportunity to tell your story, and make the compelling case for your project. We encourage applications for projects that fit the grant requirements. If you need help administering a grant you’ve already received, we can do that for you, too.
Let us help you with:
• Grant searches
• Grant writing
• Grant administration

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